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Asheville’s Transforming Landscape

Wow! We’ve had some incredible days! I know we need rain, but I still have to say I love it when the forecast is for clouds and rain all day and we get some great sunshine. Everywhere you look there’s that light, yellow-green of spring. Trees are either proudly displaying their flowers – pink, white, yellow – or they’re pushing out new baby leaves – spring green, yellow, orange. We have more than ten dogwoods on our property in bloom right now. Most are white but one is red. And the redbud trees are peaking, too. The serviceberry trees are about done with their blossoms and the little leaves are taking over.

And the flowers! You should see the Lovers’ Loop Retreat neighborhood. In and around our yard we have every spring flower imaginable. The daffodils and forsythia are fading away, but our azaleas are out in various colors and shades. And our rhododendrons have just begun to burst open their pink buds. There are tulips of all colors and a whole variety of little purple flowers that include violets and flox.

But one thing that really transforms our outdoor environment at this time of year is going from the bare trees to the filled out jungle of green. We love our winter mountain view, but soon we’ll be enclosed in green, which isn’t a bad thing either!

We hope you’ll come visit Asheville soon to get in on the spring transformation and stay with us at Lovers’ Loop Retreat! Be sure to check our Web site to find out what’s happening in Asheville.

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