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The French Broad Brewing Company’s Tasting Room

Friday night a friend asked us to meet her for a beer at the French Broad Brewing Company’s Tasting Room, which is located at 101 Fairview Road, here in Asheville, NC. So, we headed out and found it near the railroad tracks, very close to Biltmore Village. It’s in a large warehouse-type building with a number of other businesses.

We’d never been there before – another Asheville adventure. So many things here to discover! It was early – about 4:30pm – and we were the first people there. They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 1pm till 8pm. And they have free music every night starting about 6pm.

The beer, of course, is great. They had about six of their beers on tap for $3.50 a pint or $2.50 a half pint. One of the beers was re-session priced at $2.50 a pint and that’s what our friend had. We all loved what we got and sat sipping and snacking on the free pretzles, talking about our latest adventures and plans as the band gradually moved in and unpacked.

I saw a sign that said all pints are $2.50 on Mondays. I think they are open the same hours on Mondays but don’t have music. That wasn’t clear. But check out their website and plan to visit when you’re here. And don’t forget to stay with us at Lovers’ Loop Retreat, the best accommodations option we know of in the area!

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Asheville’s Green Laboratory – into the Future!

We’ve had lots of newspaper articles in our local paper lately about Asheville being a leader in Green Business. At least two of the downtown businesses have solar panels for hot water and I’m sure many more are on the way, plus green or living roofs are coming. These special roofs have been around in other parts of the world for years, but are new to the U.S. In cities they are wonderful because they absorb some of the rain runoff and help keep city temperatures down, too, on those hot summer days when the heat is absorbed by and reflects off all the human-made surfaces.

The Green Economy here is booming and will be further encouraged by a couple of new ventures. Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College has recently received a federal grant of $354,240 to create a Clean Energy Business Incubator that will help local small green businesses in many ways. They will be creating a clean energy demonstration center, a testing area and developing educational programming, as well as many other things.

UNC Asheville’s professor John Stevens has just proposed a sustainability institute to the Asheville Hub Alliance and they have approved supporting it. This will be an new organization that will research various green business possibilities such as development, transportation, recycling and alternative energy and then try to create new green-collar jobs. This could bring both high-pay green tech jobs here as well as entry level jobs in green businesses.

What a great place to be! Come visit and please stay with us at Lovers’ Loop Retreat!

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Tourist Season in Asheville

When you say “Tourist season in Asheville” it can be taken two ways. Our local minor league baseball team is the Asheville Tourists and they have a season. There’s a game downtown going on right now. The score at this very moment is 4 to zero and the Tourists are winning!

They’ll have eight home games in a row starting tonight. The stadium is right on the edge of downtown and it’s so much fun. There are all kinds of special theme games. Every Thursday game is Thirsty Thursday. All beers and soft drinks are $1. Friday home games are FANtastic Fridays. You can get in for just $5 and women get a glass of wine for $1. This Sunday (May 25th) they’re having fireworks. They’ll also have fireworks on July 4th and 5th. Check out all the special games!

So, what’s the other tourist season? Oh, yeah. It’s when the volume of visitors to Asheville seems to increase. We can tell when that happens here at Lovers’ Loop Retreat. We get to meet lots of interesting people from all over. We’ll soon be hosting people from Michigan, Florida and California. Some people are coming for vacation, some are checking out Asheville as a place to move, and some are visiting relatives.

We love having the opportunity to meet people from all over. Hopefully, we’ll get to meet you! Just let us know if you have any questions about Asheville and what’s going on here. And be sure to check the Lovers’ Loop Retreat Web site to see the calendar of events. We’ve just added a lot of new events and all kinds of festivals. What a fun place to visit!

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Greening up, getting out

It’s so green now at Lovers’ Loop Retreat! This time of year, we live as if in a treehouse.  And in fact, we have a treehouse on our property, so the image is complete. We are charmed each day by the various blooming plants in the yard. They bloom kind of sequentially, so a rhododendron plant will start waning at about the time the rose bush is springing forth.

Speaking of springing forth, downtown Asheville and the surrounding area are really gearing up for the wonderful outdoor music and theater offerings, many of them free events, that take place between now and the end of the year. The annual and very popular Shindig on the Green, a free outdoor music concert downtown, starts soon with a focus on old-time and folk music and dancing . And the Downtown After Five concert series had its first concert of the season last Friday. 

Lovers’ Loop Retreat is an easy 10-minute drive from these events. 

And the Blue Ridge Parkway beckons big-time just around the corner from our guest suite — biking, hiking, cruising in your car.

We want to be mindful of making more time to play and indulge our curiosity because that’s living!  

    We hope to meet you sometime at Lovers’ Loop Retreat.


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Walks in our Asheville Neighborhood

We love to take a walk every morning. If you stay at Lovers’ Loop Retreat, you may want to take an early morning walk, too. It’s such a pleasant neighborhood. But, I have to warn you – there are lots of hills! You can take the less hilly route. But it’s still a bit hilly.

I like to check out the neighborhood yards at this time of year. Even the natural green places between yards offer a lot. Something smells really good in a few places – honeysuckle? The flowers this spring have been incredible. We’ve even seen bunny rabbits scampering off with their little white cotton tails.

This morning I saw something that really got me excited! No, it wasn’t some new and wonderful flower. It was a Smart ForTwo car! Have you heard of them? One the neighbors recently got one. It’s a tiny, funky-looking car that just seats two. I suspected it must get great milage and couldn’t wait to get home and check it out. I’ve been hearing about them for several years. I think they came out in Europe first and are just now getting to the U.S

Well, I was disappointed to discover they don’t get as good milage as the Toyota Prius, which seats five. The Prius gets 45 mph on the highway and 48 mph in the city. The Smart ForTwo gets 41 on the highway and 33 in the city. Too bad.

Well, I guess I’d better get back to checking out the flowers and not let ehe cars distract me! I hope we see you at Lovers’ Loop Retreat soon!

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