Walks in our Asheville Neighborhood

We love to take a walk every morning. If you stay at Lovers’ Loop Retreat, you may want to take an early morning walk, too. It’s such a pleasant neighborhood. But, I have to warn you – there are lots of hills! You can take the less hilly route. But it’s still a bit hilly.

I like to check out the neighborhood yards at this time of year. Even the natural green places between yards offer a lot. Something smells really good in a few places – honeysuckle? The flowers this spring have been incredible. We’ve even seen bunny rabbits scampering off with their little white cotton tails.

This morning I saw something that really got me excited! No, it wasn’t some new and wonderful flower. It was a Smart ForTwo car! Have you heard of them? One the neighbors recently got one. It’s a tiny, funky-looking car that just seats two. I suspected it must get great milage and couldn’t wait to get home and check it out. I’ve been hearing about them for several years. I think they came out in Europe first and are just now getting to the U.S

Well, I was disappointed to discover they don’t get as good milage as the Toyota Prius, which seats five. The Prius gets 45 mph on the highway and 48 mph in the city. The Smart ForTwo gets 41 on the highway and 33 in the city. Too bad.

Well, I guess I’d better get back to checking out the flowers and not let ehe cars distract me! I hope we see you at Lovers’ Loop Retreat soon!


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