Asheville’s Green Laboratory – into the Future!

We’ve had lots of newspaper articles in our local paper lately about Asheville being a leader in Green Business. At least two of the downtown businesses have solar panels for hot water and I’m sure many more are on the way, plus green or living roofs are coming. These special roofs have been around in other parts of the world for years, but are new to the U.S. In cities they are wonderful because they absorb some of the rain runoff and help keep city temperatures down, too, on those hot summer days when the heat is absorbed by and reflects off all the human-made surfaces.

The Green Economy here is booming and will be further encouraged by a couple of new ventures. Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College has recently received a federal grant of $354,240 to create a Clean Energy Business Incubator that will help local small green businesses in many ways. They will be creating a clean energy demonstration center, a testing area and developing educational programming, as well as many other things.

UNC Asheville’s professor John Stevens has just proposed a sustainability institute to the Asheville Hub Alliance and they have approved supporting it. This will be an new organization that will research various green business possibilities such as development, transportation, recycling and alternative energy and then try to create new green-collar jobs. This could bring both high-pay green tech jobs here as well as entry level jobs in green businesses.

What a great place to be! Come visit and please stay with us at Lovers’ Loop Retreat!


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