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Bele Chere is coming to Asheville soon!

You’ve been thinking about getting away for at least a few days this summer, but the whole gas-thing and the economy have you thinking twice. Hey, we understand. We’re just glad we already live here in Asheville. We don’t have to go too far to have vacation – like just walk to the end of the street!

Anyway, Bele Chere is reported to be the largest free street festival in the South and it’s in Asheville very soon — July 25-27! You don’t want to miss it! You can stay in our economical guest suite and just drive to the nearby mall, where you can get a shuttle to the event downtown for $3 round trip – no parking hassles or expenses.

Then you have all day to play in downtown Asheville! Lots of booths to see, all kinds of food, entertainment , people-watching – it’s a great way to spend a weekend and satisfy your need to get away.

This is Bele Chere’s 30th birthday! Wow, they must be doing something right. Every year it just gets bigger and better. Downtown Asheville will be blocked off for pedestrian use only. All kinds of exhibitors and vendors will line the streets, which will be filled with people from all over. There will be all kinds of events to watch and participate in like the 3-day scavenger hunt. You could win something special!

They have cool “misting tents” at Bele Chere where you can get misted with some nice, cool water. A great way to cool off on a  hot day. What will they think of next!

So don’t wait another minute. Call Lovers’ Loop Retreat right now to reserve a place to stay for Bele Chere. 828-296-0660. Or email us at .

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