Welcoming the World to Asheville!

 It’s hard to believe we’re in our fourth year of business at Lovers’ Loop Retreat. When we opened our alternative to B&Bs in Asheville, NC, our objective was — and remains — to offer homey, affordable accommodations in Asheville. It’s the sort of option we like when we travel, where guests may prepare their own meals if they want to. We prefer privacy and quiet in our lodging when we’re away, too, and our Asheville B&B provides that.

            Over the years, we’ve refurnished and redecorated, painted, added artwork and a Ping-Pong table (very popular with some guests).

            Any expectations we had have been exceeded in the interesting people we’ve met. Guests from around the United States and Canada have come to Lovers’ Loop Retreat, and some have visited us more than once. Many have been to Asheville before. We’ve hung out with some of our guests at our alternative Asheville B&B, and we always enjoy that. People seem to find plenty to do in Asheville and outside the city. Lovers’ Loop Retreat is in a great location to be a home base for exploring other parts of Western North Carolina.

                We look forward to meeting new people and hosting some familiar guests at Lovers’ Loop Retreat this year. It’s a great way for us to welcome the world to our world.


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