A Visit to Biltmore Village

We walked around Biltmore Village the other day. The village, on the south end of Asheville and a 10-minute drive from our Lovers’ Loop Retreat vacation rental, is beside the popular tourist attraction Biltmore Estate, the 19th-century mansion and grounds of the Vanderbilt family.

            Biltmore Village was built as a neighborhood for Biltmore Estate employees. Today, Biltmore Village is not affiliated with the estate. It’s an interesting collection of specialty shops, restaurants and art galleries with brick sidewalks and stucco buildings that once were residences.

            There’s a cool nature store, the Compleat Naturalist, with all kinds of things that will make you fall in love with nature: telescopes, birdhouses, birding paraphernalia, etc., posters of aquatic life, etc.

            Blue, a jewelry store and art gallery, has a colorful and mixed-media display that’s entertaining to view.

            Biltmore Village is comfortable and luring, and it’s a fun small-scale but upscale commercial cluster that feels like a neighborhood. Keep it in mind when you visit us in Asheville at Lovers’ Loop Retreat.


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