Orchids in Asheville!

If you’re not familiar with orchids, among the most bountiful flowers on earth, you’re missing out. These amazingly adaptable flowers grow in trees, on rocks and in nearly every corner of the planet. They’re beautiful in their variety of shapes and colors, and some of them look good enough to eat! They’re sensuous, sensual, provocative and just plain cool.

The annual WNC Orchid Show at the North Carolina Arboretum this coming Saturday, March 28 and Sunday, March 29 is an awesome display of hundreds of orchids in all their inspiring diversity. The Asheville-area arboretum is a lovely, easy, quick drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway from our Lovers’ Loop Retreat vacation rental. The show includes orchid vendors and growers from around the Southeast. Go with your imagination wide open. You’ll be dazzled.

The arboretum is a great place to visit when you stay at our Asheville B&B alternative, Lovers’ Loop Retreat. There are miles of walking and biking paths at the arboretum, which offers interesting exhibits year-round.


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