Asheville’s Herstory Story

Part of Asheville’s story is herstory, and there’s a new business that offers downtown tours which focus on the contributions of women. When you come to stay at our Asheville bed and breakfast alternative, Lovers’ Loop Retreat, you may be interested in getting some local history about the city’s herstory.

By the Elizabeth Blackwell memorial

By the Elizabeth Blackwell memorial

            Herstory Asheville,, gives glimmers about the lives of the funky and fabulous women who helped make Asheville what it is—and was. Enjoy the friendly tour guide Brenda Williams as she introduces you to Julia Wolfe, mother of author and Asheville native son Thomas Wolfe and a businesswoman who ran a boarding house downtown that’s now the Thomas Wolfe museum. You’ll learn about Lillian Exum Clement, who was a lawyer in Asheville and the first female legislator in the South. Clement joined North Carolina’s House of Representatives in 1921.



            And there’s Elizabeth Blackwell, who came to Asheville around 1840 and worked for a doctor in the city before becoming the first woman in the United States to earn a medical degree. Thelma Caldwell was director of Asheville’s YWCA for black women in the 1950s and helped integrate the city’s two YWCAs. She was the first African-American executive director of a YWCA in the South. You’ll learn about Lucy Herring, a beloved African-American teacher in Asheville. And Brenda will tell you about Edith Vanderbilt, wife of tycoon George Vanderbilt, who constructed the Biltmore estate for their home. Edith created schools and industries that helped the community.

            The tour is worth checking out when you stay at our vacation rental in Asheville.


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