Cheers to Asheville Beer

Asheville has garnered more acclaim for the many breweries in the city. In a recent national online poll, Asheville tied with Portland, Ore., as America’s No. 1 beer city. Voters from many different nations took part in the poll at the Web site, based in Charlotte, N.C.

            Asheville has six breweries with two more being built, and that’s a lot for a city of about 75,000 people. The Lobster Trap, a popular restaurant downtown, recently opened a microbrewery called Oyster House on site.

            There are several other downtown restaurants that, although not breweries, sell the Asheville-brewed beers, and some — The Bier Garden and Barley’s Taproom among them — offer hundreds of beers from around the world.    

            Some places in Asheville have beer and wine tastings, some of which are free. So if you want to treat your taste buds to some great craft beers while you stay at our Lovers’ Loop Retreat, an Asheville bed and breakfast alternative, you have plenty of choices.


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