Dance the night away in Asheville

 The Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre downtown offers funky and diverse fare that’s worth a look when you stay at our Lovers’ Loop Retreat, an Asheville vacation rental. The nonprofit, professional dance company, formed 30 years ago, is known for its experimental, edgy productions. It was the first contemporary dance group in western North Carolina.

           Racial and ethnic diversity is an important part of what the company is about, and it hosts dancers from around the world. They’ve offered shows about Middle Eastern women, Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, Cuban themes, Chinese and Aztec tales, Japanese dance forms and other provocative performances. The entertainment value is enhanced by the humor and theatricality in much of what they do.

           We saw a performance recently in the intimate theater, where Latin music played before the event started. One of the pieces was kind of a mix of ballet and wrestling, if that’s possible, and the others offered dance with muscle, drama and spirited gymnastics. It’s anything-goes dance with plenty of spice.

           The intermission dance was performed outside on the street, where skateboarders and other passersby joined us to watch as three dancers rubbed tomatoes all over themselves and had a sort of food fight. A couple of bystanders who walked by photographed the piece with their cell phones.

           Hey, it was just another normal night in downtown Asheville, which you will love to check out when you visit us at our Asheville bed and breakfast alternative, Lovers’ Loop Retreat.


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