Sculpture peeping in Asheville

The Grovewood Gallery just north of downtown Asheville is among the classiest art galleries in Asheville. The grounds are beautiful, for one thing, and it’s a nice destination for that reason alone. On the grounds is an amazing collection of large-scale outdoor sculptures that will excite even those who go only to browse, like us. It costs nothing to just look, and it’s one of the fun, free outings we enjoy in Asheville.

When you visit us at Lovers’ Loop Retreat, our Asheville bed and breakfast alternative, put this on your itinerary of free activities.

Grovewood Gallery’s second annual Sculpture for the Garden exhibit has just opened and will run through Dec. 31 this year. The sculptures are whimsical, functional and colorful. But don’t limit your visit to the sculptures. Venture inside to check out the array of arts and crafts at Grovewood. And upstairs is the furniture showroom, with a wonderful variety of handcrafted pieces – from beds, mirrors and tables to wall hangings and rugs. The gallery has new exhibits year-round.

Grovewood consists of six ivy-covered cottages with red roofs that house the gallery, weaving and car museums, a cafe and artists’ studios on 11 acres. The buildings originally were part of Biltmore Industries, established in 1917. Later called the Homespun Shops, Biltmore Industries produced hand-woven woolens and wood crafts.


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