Goombay! the weekend away for FREE Aug. 28-30 in Asheville

For nearly 30 years, Asheville has hosted Goombay!, the free street festival celebrating African-American and Caribbean cultures that features live music, dance, food and a great diversity of people.

            Guests at our Lovers’ Loop Retreat, an Asheville bed and breakfast alternative, are within 10 minutes of this hopping downtown happening.

            According to the main organizer of Goombay!, Asheville’s event is among several celebrations around the world that observe a centuries-old tradition that originated in Bermuda with African and West Indies influences. The word Goombay refers to rhythm or dancing. In Jamaica and the Bahamas, dancers wear colorful costumes and feathered headdresses, sometimes with masks.

            This year’s Goombay! in Asheville will feature drumming, dancing, reggae, rhythm and blues, jazz, a parade, crafts, vendors and more. You can find some interesting clothing and food at Goombay!

             Come and enjoy a lively cultural festival in downtown Asheville.


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