Open-air eating in Asheville

If you enjoy eating outside, you’ve got a lot of choices in Asheville. And the season is upon us, so for much of the rest of the year in our mostly temperate climate, you can catch some air while you dine. If you stay at our Lovers’ Loop Retreat, an Asheville bed and breakfast, you have the option of preparing meals in the guest suite, as many of our visitors have. But if you want to venture into the world of Asheville restaurants, you’ll find many eateries that have tables in the great and gorgeous mountainous outdoors.

The Grove Arcade shopping center in downtown Asheville has several restaurants and cafes with street dining: Thai, Cuban, a wine bar, coffee shop/bakery, Italian, hotdogs and fried fish. Pack Square downtown has another cluster of restaurants with open-air options, including Chinese and organic/gluten-free. Other sections of Asheville have their own outdoor dining opportunities.

You can also eat outside at Lovers’ Loop Retreat on your private porch, amid the birds’ banter, the squirrels’ chatter, the chipmunks’ chittering and whatever may be flowering during your visit.


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