Find your rhythm at the Goombay! festival in Asheville

Rhythm is what Goombay! is all about. Goombay! is Asheville’s annual African-Caribbean street festival downtown, and it’s this week, Friday through Sunday, Aug. 27-29 — and it’s FREE. The festival is larger this year and will feature entertainment on two stages. We’ve hosted guests at our Lovers’ Loop Retreat, an affordable Asheville bed and breakfast, who have made a point to go to this event.

 Asheville festivals

Goombay! is a pulsing, colorful festival with costumes and clothing that dazzle and music that beats, from reggae and gospel to jazz and soul. Enjoy the drummers, belly dancers and sky-high stilt-walkers, a parade on Saturday and the dove release on Sunday. You’ll also find vendors with wares from various countries. Goombay! includes great international food.

Goombay! comes from the word “rhythm,” and the music and dance celebration started in slave days in Bermuda. Other Goombay! celebrations are enjoyed in the Bahamas and Jamaica. Some performing dancers wear headdresses and masks.

Enjoy the mix of cultures you’ll find at Goombay! when you visit Asheville.

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